Monthly Archives: June 2013

Glass house and stoned: Pleasantries #6: or Tight Fit

Seamus was a lodger a while back. When I first met him he was smooth: a real charmer and talkative. Like I said, I chose lodgers who say they “love the house” and seem friendly. Advertisements

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hazy daisy chain: thoughts on a bus

Suddenly today England was green and pleasant, not so damp and grey. Full trees dripped into the lanes as the X53 hurtled me out of the city down to East Devon.

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Pleasantries #5: Visitors, or “Each one teach one”

My not-by-blood “Uncle” (partner of my aunt) came to stay last week to help with some redecorating. Hence the lack of blog action. My mind was as blank as the vast white walls we were repainting with white paint. In addition I was wrestling with a broken loo, and the reality of rats or mice […]

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