Monthly Archives: August 2013

Sea air and hot trainers

Since returning from a week camping in North Devon, I’ve been acting strangely towards our lodger, Ben. I bump into him in the kitchen each night and have been casually saying “Hello Ben, how was your day? you’ve been to tennis? I’ve just been to the gym and then I had a wonderful shower” and […]

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I’m Moby Dick the whale; reflection on obsession and compulsion to tweet

It’s hard not to write about Moby Dick. “Avast” Leviathan, Hval, the great whale….Moby Dick. I’m reading Moby Dick for the first time, currently lingering on Chapter 54 of 135. This book was written for me, by a man who died 122 years ago. Musing on this long epic that speaks to me from Melville’s […]

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A poem about a journey: from Bristol to Beer

I decided to get away this weekend. I’d say I feel like this most weekends and reach a crux once a month. The tell-tale signs are my puffing up the cushions every time one of the lodgers sits on the sofa, and grumbling to my partner D____ in a loud whisper that I’d rather Ben […]

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